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Nehemiah Ministries, Inc. (NMI) has launched an arts initiative that includes a studio that is available for instructional arts classes, meetings, and can be used by individual artists that may not be able to afford a private studio and a gallery for the display of artwork. The Springfield Pulse has become a hub for relational activity and a springboard for community improvements.  So far the studio has hosted 6 different art exhibits providing positive activity for the Metro community and bringing together local agencies and like-minded people. 

In addition, Pulse has provided three affordable instructional classes, created four window displays that beautify the neighborhood, hosted monthly luncheons for building tenants and neighborhood residents that are interested in reviving the community and made the studio available to two local artists and a neighborhood fellowship group. After the tornado Pulse collaborated with Wellspring and other churches to facilitate arts activities for tornado victims living in the shelter.  Pulse has also hosted a block party in collaboration with City Church and facilitated an outdoor open studio for neighborhood residents on a weekly basis during mild weather months. CPC’s contribution to NMI and Pulse has purchased art supplies and food for these events as well as contributing to the funding that is needed to pay rent and utilities to keep the space operational.

Check out their website... http://springfieldpulsearts.com/

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