Sunday Mornings

Sunday morning is our central hub to gather around glorifying God and enjoying Him together. It is our time to refocus and re-energize together as the Body of Christ for our work as missionaries in the places we live, work and have our being throughout the week.


What to expect on Sunday Morning:

  • We encourage all people to join us from 9am to 12pm to experience in-depth study, glorifying worship and generous hospitality. If you are visiting for first-time come for just a part of the morning or the whole thing.
    • 9am to 9:50am: Sunday School for all ages. We have different classes for all ages (including adults). There is also a nursery for children 3 and under.  During our COVID protocols, all Sunday School class are virtual. Click Here for more information.
    • 10am to 11:15ish: Worship Service
    • 11:15ish to 12pm: Coffee and Fellowship. Stay after for some savory and sweet treats plus an extending time of connecting to the Body of Christ.  During our COVID protocols, there will be no coffee or refreshments after the service.
  • Come as you are. CPC is a diverse community: racially, generationally, politically, and even the way we dress. We believe our diversity celebrates our Unity!

Giving and Receiving

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”” (Mark 10:45, ESV)

Sunday mornings are the place where we receive God's Word, the encouragement of the community, and the love of God pre-eminently. However, we also believe that we were created to be givers. We are a place that serves each other so that we can all receive the blessings of God and His community. In order to do that we all have to commit to being receivers and givers on Sunday morning.

Click here if you are interested in volunteering and serving on Sunday.

Children on Sunday Morning

  • All ages are always welcome in the worship service. If you need help with your child(ren), please ask the greeter by the door to assist you in caring for you and your child(ren) in the nursery (for ages 3 and younger).
  • Worship Space for Children and Parents is also located in the back of the sanctuary. Activities and ideas are available to help engage you with the worship service. Children need to have a parent with them.
  • Before worship we have Sunday school for all ages. Children's Worship Space and Sunday School are suspended during COVID Protocols.


We usually serve Communion the first Sunday of the month. We welcome all baptized Christians who have professed their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and are members of congregations that proclaim the gospel to receive Holy Communion with us. Baptized children may be admitted to the Lord’s Table provided they have appeared before the Church Session and professed their faith. Parents, please use this time to help your children learn about the Lord’s Supper. During our COVID protocols Communion will be served IN-PERSON & via ZOOM immediately after the livestream. Click here for more details.


Anticipate Campaign

Goal: $240,000