Christina's House

submitted by Shannon Mumblo

On behalf of the Board of Directors, and all of us at Christina’s House we thank you for your belief in our ministry and your generous support.  We have been faithful to follow God’s mission to encourage hope and healing to mothers and their children who are homeless or near homeless, and He has blessed us abundantly in 2019. We are excited to share with you a brief recap of 2019 and our exciting goals for 2020.


Our Program:

Christina’s House is an 18-24 month transitional and educational program.  The goal of our program is to provide education on practical life skills and more that is needed to help the mothers and children we serve transition into self-sufficiency. Our home serves up to 15 individuals at one time in our Springfield, Massachusetts location. We also continue to help families who have graduated from our program by providing resources to help them maintain their independence. These resources can include mentorship, surplus donations, inclusion in studies and/or activities in the home and other opportunities outside of the home.


Number of Families Served:

Since we opened our doors in late 2014 we have served a total of 14 families, including the four families currently living in our home.  Of the 10 families who were previous participants 6 families completed the program and are maintaining their self-sufficiency. Five of these successful families continue their relationship with Christina’s House and most have come back to volunteer or support the organization in other ways.


Current Status:

Our home now has four families (four mothers, and seven children) working through our program and we expect to take in our fifth family in the near future to make our home full in the next month!


Successes of 2019:

  • In 2019 we had the honor of serving a total of 19 mothers and children in our home and a total of 14 individuals who have already transitioned out of our program.
  • All of our families grew in their relationship with Christ through Bible Study, spiritual growth activities, and Church attendance.
  • Our total income increased by about 29% and our total expenses decreased by approximately 4%
  • We revised our educational programming and created a syllabus and resource guide to pair with our Education Plan for Program Participants.
  • Our volunteers logged an average of over 88 hours of service each month! (This does not include intern hours)
  • Our fundraising committees generously gave an average of 3 hours each month to make our events successful.
  • One mother, Virginia and her four girls and another mother, Petula and her two children have transitioned out of Christina’s House Successfully! 
  • Petula is in the final stages of purchasing her own home and we are eagerly waiting to host a shower for her in this new home.
  • Petula’s son graduated high school and is now attending a sports medicine program at STCC. When he came to Christina’s House he was failing most of his classes. With the help of a volunteer tutor and hard work, he realized his dream to attend college.
  • Jessica Cherival, a longtime volunteer, joined our staff and is now a full time Program Manager!!
  • We completed several months of strategic planning and welcomed several new Board Members to our team.  We are thankful to Attorney David Carlson, Chrissy Kiddy, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Social Media at PeoplesBank, Travis Williams, Director of Real Estate Operations at BKaye Realty and Insurance, Emil Farjo, Financial Coach at Thrive – United Way of Pioneer Valley, Veronica Garcia, Producer-Host Presencia at WGBY, and Shannon Carey, Director at ISO New England for giving of their time and talents and commitment on our Board of Directors.
  • This year we were able to Partner with Head Start, Between Bridges, Greater Love Ministries, and Operation Christmas Child to help support families in need beyond the walls of our home. 
  • 8 children were able to attend a full week of camp at Tidal River Christian Camp.
  • Thanks to the generosity of several donors, several mothers were able to attend their first Cirque du Soleil Performance, a Casting Crowns concert, and the following Jesus Tour.
  • Our families also experienced the Big E and were able to ride on a Float! Mothers and children also attended a New England Revolution soccer game and Yard Goats baseball game along with many other enrichment activities in 2019. All of these experiences were also made possible through the support of individuals and businesses.
  • Drama classes, Baking and cooking classes, Art classes and dance classes allowed our children to engage in activities to help build self-esteem, social skills, and learn more about their artistic abilities. Several finished art projects are now displayed in our home.
  • Our 7th Annual Ball was our biggest and best event yet, raising approximately $115,000 to help sustain our mission in 2020.