Route One Ministry

Executive Director & Co-Founder: Bonnie Gatchell

Route One

This year Route One entered its 12th year of service. After 18 months of the strip clubs being closed, they re-opened, and we re-entered the world of sexual exploitation. The Springfield team is led by Lori Ptaszkiewicz, Springfield born and raised. While the Springfield team needs more volunteers, they reach more women each week. This past year, the Springfield team has expanded to bring gifts and prayers to Palmer and South Hadley clubs. In addition to the excellent work being done by the Springfield team, we continue to serve in Worcester and Boston as well. Even though this avenue of ministry was closed to us for more than a year, we can now reach, fit, and care for abused women and girls. 

Some highlights:

  • In August, we re-entered 4 of the 5 regular clubs and hope to add the 5th club this February.

  • In September, we hosted the POTE meeting with 60 people in attendance.

  • Bonnie took her first sabbatical. While only six weeks long, it was very refreshing.

  • We hired Steph Dillon, a long-time volunteer, to serve as our Director of Community Relations.

  • We are reaching 70 women weekly, with 35 of these women being in Springfield.

  • We brought 90 baskets to 8 strip clubs on Christmas eve. 


Thank you for your ongoing support of Route One. A particular shout out to Bob Tongue who heard our different needs and responded by championing us.