Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Unified in Jesus, being transformed by His Word, and empowered to love and serve.

In particular, CPC is:

  1. Unified in Jesus: Our unity is sealed in the identity of Jesus and not of ourselves. Individually we are gifted and members of the one body, but corporately we are grounded in the same Truth and purpose of Jesus. In all things, Jesus is Lord.
  2. Transformed by His Word: We are being transformed and conformed to the image of God by the power of the Living Word of God, Jesus. Through God’s inspired and only written Word, we are being transformed into the likeness of Christ and being made Holy.
  3. Empowered to love and serve: We are empowered by God’s Holy Spirit to love and serve. We are first and foremost called to love and serve God in all things. The best way to love and serve God is to love and serve our neighbors. The best way to love and serve our neighbors is by proclaiming the Truth and good news of Jesus Christ. We are called to be Christ’s ambassadors in this world by ushering in His Kingdom of justice, peace, mercy, and love.

Mission Statement

We Proclaim, Worship, Study, Serve, and Send — Together.

The path of discipleship and growing in Christ is communicated through these five core values and commitments. We expect and encourage all of our members to join together in this cycle and pattern of discipleship. At the core of CPC’s ministry are covenanted members serving God and our neighbors outside the walls of our building. We believe in empowering and encouraging each other through weekly worship and study opportunities to do the ministry and mission that God has designed and called us to do.